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    The Love of chocolate factory
     Dark chocolate
     milk chocolate
     white chocolate
     Pure Belgium chocolate
     100% pure cocoa butter
     Quality guaranteed
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    WE CARRY...
    Full range of Leonidas fresh belgium chocolates.

You never tasted chocolate, if you did not try our's

Come to the store and taste the real chocolate. It is for free!!!!


Who We Are?!

Leonidas is a world-renowned chocolatier that offers over 100 different types of Belgian chocolates, pralines, confectionery and ice cream.
A firm with over one hundred years of experience, Leonidas has put Belgian pralines within reach of everyone without lowering the standards required for a very high-end product. Made using time-honoured methods and only the finest ingredients, Leonidas chocolates combine tradition and quality to create an incomparable taste.Like perfumers and musicians, our master chocolatiers create taste associations, blending colours and balancing ingredients to achieve a symphony of tastes that verge on the sublime.


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